25 Ways to Stage Your Home for Sale in the Baton Rouge Area

1.   Wash all windows inside and out
2.   Dust and polish all wood surfaces
3.   Clean debris off roof
4.   Clean gutters, check for leaks
5.   Remove Bee and Bird nests from overhang/attic
6.   Check all windows for seal break and cracks
7.   Trim all vegetation away from house
8.   Clear vent areas around foundation
9.   Spread fresh bark dust
10. Plant new flowers
11. Mow and edge lawn
12. Trim all vegetation
13. Paint all worn/faded areas on exterior
14. Verify dryer vent connection to exterior
15. Clean and wash garage floor
16. Clean out/neatly store items, organize
17. Paint all interior walls that need it
18. Remove all personal family photos, hang neutral pictures
19. Display candles/fresh flowers
20. Repair door locks, window locks, and screens
21. Clean all closets
22. Clean behind and under furniture, beds
23. Replace furnace filters
24. Clean out fireplace
25. Powerwash patios, walkways and driveways

When you choose the Glenda Daughety Team to list your home for sale our Staging Consultant, Ashley Daughety, will be delighted to get with you to stage/decorate your home so that it is ready to sell. 

Glenda Daughety
Glenda Daughety
Team Leader/Associate
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